Join Advantage

1. The national retail price maintenance system security;
2. The unified brand VI recognition system;
3. The great advantage of the product portfolio, the most extensive coverage of the target consumer groups;
4. The protection of regional shopping district, enjoy the regional monopoly exclusive shopping district;
5. The Company from time to time to join the regional market brand agency and tour operator guidance, timely and efficient transmission of information and services;
6. The company regularly organize training seminars of professional knowledge;
7. holiday planning by the company to implement unified organization program of promotional activities;
8. The company specializes in brand management system to ensure long-term investment franchisees can continue to sustained profitability;
Phone consulting - the company site to inspect - and responsible person to discuss cooperation matters - signed a cooperation agreement - and the money paid - provided store flat renderings - according to company programs display decoration - decoration display effect acceptance - material goods in place - store displays - Opening pre-professional training guide - opening promotional activities planned - shop officially opened camp